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The Netherlands / Dutch / Holland


"Is it ALWAYS raining in Netherlands? :O”


“The Dutch drink a lot of milk”


The Netherlands is surrounded by nature, water and lots of lots of grass.”

“Venice of the North.”

“Prepare only for the worst - take raincoats and umbrellas with you and consciously forget your sunglasses at home.”

“their very unique tell-it-as-they-see-it mentality”

“cheese lovers”

“The Netherlands is a green country, with more than four fifths of its surface area used for recreation, agriculture, woodland and nature.”





Depending on outside sources I am searching to the identity of the country where I was born and raised. Do I fit the descriptions of tourist guides? By taking distance, can I get new insights on the familiar? If the exaggerated descriptions become true and the words are watched literal, what remains? 

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