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The average Dutch person has a living space of 65 square meters.

The home of this average person consists of approximately 14% detached house, 13% duplex, 41% corner / townhouse and 32% apartment / flat.


Six car brands largely determine what the Dutch highways look like. The average Dutch citizen drives a car that looks something like a Volkswagen, Peugeot, Opel, Ford, Renault and Toyota.


The average Dutch resident fills an annual garbage bag of nearly 500 kilograms with household waste, according to figures from the collections of Dutch municipalities.

The average Dutch person
(De gemiddelde Nederlander)

I am happy to introduce you to the average Dutch person. A person to be found in the statistics of the CBS (National statistical office Netherlands). All divergent numbers and opposite characteristics have a centre. Who is the person standing exactly in the middle? What does this person look like? What kind of person arises when all extremes of the Dutch population come together?


This project is realized in collaboration with the CBS (National statistical office Netherlands) using statistical information about the Dutch population. (January 2020)


8,701,077 women and 8,581,086 men live in the Netherlands. That means that the average Dutch person is just over half female. The percentage in the Netherlands is divided as 50.3% women and 49.7% men.



Can you never choose which clothing you want to wear? Yearly, the average Dutch person spends over 1500 euros on clothes and shoes.

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