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Jessica Nap

The Netherlands

Photography influenced by experience in fashion & textile design and set design.

Jessica Nap is an artist from the Netherlands who creates small universes through staged photography. Her work is influenced by experience in fashion and textile design and set design. She is inspired by materials and objects that can be found in everyday life. In her work she exaggerates, multiplies and takes things out of context to get the extra out of the ordinary.


2016-2020 Bachelor of Design, Photography, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2014-2016 Fashion Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem

"Normal is overlooked. It is just so normal. That is triggering. In my work, I make the daily life remarkable. I show the extraordinary in contrast to the ordinary. Searching for a new specialty in the standard. In my work I exaggerate, get things out of context, add unusual, misfitting elements. I start with recognizable scenes, so the viewer can relate to it. From a normal picture, I build up to something new. It ends in surrealistic scenes."


Jessica Nap portrait Photography Dutch The Netherlands Fine Art Stilllife Prop styling Set Design Creative
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